Good Bye Alice in Wonderland

So, Jewel wrote this song about her journey…I’m adopting it for mine.

So goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Goodbye yellow brick road
There is a difference between
dreaming and pretending
That was not love in your eyes
It was only a reflection of my
lonely mind searching
what was missing in my life

Growing up is not an absence of dreaming
It’s being able to understand
the difference between the ones you can hold
And the ones that you’ve been sold
And Dreaming is a good thing cause it
brings new things to life
But pretending is an ending
that perpetuates a lie
Forgetting what you are
Seeing for what you’ve been told

Ohh truth is stranger than fiction
This is my chance to get it right
And life is much better without
all of those pretty lies

Caught in the rain…

So, last night Chris and I decide to go for our nightly walk…despite the fact that it is obviously going to rain. In my optimistic mode, I am certain it will only sprinkle..and in the beginning, that’s all it was. LOL

Then, you guessed it, the bottom FELL out of the sky. We were both soaking wet when we got home. Totally and completely. I don’t think there was one dry piece of clothing on either of us. And I laughed…inside and out… life really is about dancing in the rain and dancing with good friends only makes it better.

If it rains all week…just pretend you’re a duck. 😉

Starting Over

So…….here I am. Starting over. I’ve lost my job, my home, some of my family and most of what I owned. You see, I’m an addict. Not to drugs or alcohol, but to something at least to me, equally as damaging.

I’m trying to think back–when did it all get out of control? When did I completely lose me? Leaving instead a shell, empty, alone and hurting. Somewhere along the way, I became an extra in my own life. Over time, more and more an observer than a participant. No, that’s not exactly the truth. I started becoming the person everyone expected me to be on the outside, while the real me watched from the sidelines.


Communication kills me because it evidences so well the contrast. Is that it? That being separated from happiness for so long is what can make me unhappy? That the sudden realization of a happiness I CHOOSE overwhelms me with my incompetence to deal with it?

In my past decisions, I only decided to cry, to write and to otherwise, safely undecide. But in safety, I crushed my wings, I didn’t know how to use them. I was frightened because people were watching and failure was inevitable.

Now I know… Failure is nothing but a starting point.

The Middle.

We’ll start in the middle, since the beginning is fuzzy and jumbled. The beginning is the past. Some days I’m not even sure what was real. I feel a bit trapped in Wonka’s Factory–on the paddle boats– Is it raining, is it pouring… is a hurricane a blowing…

I look in the mirror and the reflection startles me. Who is that person? How did she get here? More importantly, why did it take so long to find her?

When there is nothing you can do…

Sometimes, you just have to realize that you cannot change what is happening around you.

….When the people you care about aren’t exactly who you expected them to be, or do what you imagined they would….When your ideals of perfect are not met….Yes, it’s times like those you must let go and accept.

Rather than betrayal, lies and manipulation, acceptance of the truth is necessary. And when I say truth, I mean the real truth, not some warped sense of reality.

People make choices. People will do things we do not like. There will be things we disagree with. There will be some things that will infuriate us to the brink of insanity.

But in the long run, we must remember that they are just that: choices. And our choices may not be accepted by others, just as we do not accept theirs. When it comes down to it, we must decide if it is really worth sacrificing our energy and time to make sly maneuvers to show that we do not like how a person is living their life and/or the choices they are making, or if we just sit back and know that, while things may not be the way we want them, these things are actually just fine.

You may not like it, but sometimes, you just have to accept it.