It’s all about perception…

Perception is reality… I’ve said that for years.  But what happens when your perspective is suddenly shaken… how do you define the new reality?

I guess you have to take a step back…and decide just how to process the information and then more importantly, decide what the information means to you. 

In this case… I’m a player, yet I’m an outsider… my involvement is key…but there is this gray area that I still don’t understand. This thing that clouds my judgment at times… It’s confusing… and what exactly is “IT”.  (Don’t say that stupid clown in the drain… just.don’t.) It’s that “thing” that shakes me so today… just when I thought I had it all figured out … WHAM.  A monkey wrench in the works….and I have to readjust my perspective.

On thing that hasn’t changed is that this person is a dear friend. 

Be happy. Be loved. Be at peace.

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