Mercury— In Retrograde

Blank page. Missing words.  Knowing what needs to be expressed.  Can I write it? Can I mean it?  Afraid. All over again.  Stop pretending.  STOP. NOW.

It’s Mercury, In Retrograde.

Backwards communication.  Words poised – ready but stuck.  Someone pop the cork.  It is New Year’s after all.  They explosion would loosen and overflow – maybe – or maybe it would just mist at the top, right below…statying stuck.

Mercury, In Retrograde.

But wait…. SHE RA

I have the power. I. Have. The. Power. It’s mine by grace.  It fills me.



Be Encouraged.

It is promised.

It is coming.

It is mine.




All Powerful.

Chosen.  ME.  Chosen.

Mercury, In Retrograde, NO MORE.

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