This years goals…

I don’t necessarily believe in setting resolutions anymore. I feel like most people don’t really expect anyone to keep them, so they automatically discount what you say you are seeking to achieve. Goals on the other hand…are more realistic. They spcan be short term or long; large or small. For some reason, and I am certain it is mostly psychological, they just seem more obtainable.

So what are my goals this year? In no particular order they are:

Finish my AA degree and be accepted as a transfer student at FSU or FAMU.
Walk more. Lots more.
Get healthier. I m not setting a weight loss goal, but focusing more on changing my diet.
Use my husband’s love language regularly. (If you aren’t familiar with this check out )
Start a crafting hobby again. Knitting? Crochet? Not sure yet.
Read at least one book for fun each month.
Take Chris to Disney. He’s 45, born in Tampa, but never been. Say what?
Stop biting my nails…once and for all.
Read the entire Bible again.

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